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Who We Are

We started our alpaca business with 8 registered Huacaya alpacas during the summer of 2012. Originally located at Shelbyshire Farm (Diane's childhood farm) from Shelbyville, IN we moved December of 2015 near Milroy, IN where it was less populated and our alpacas and home would be located in the same location. Since we currently live along the north branch of Clifty Creek in Rush County we came up with the name Clifty Creek Alpaca Farm. Our main focus is to provide fiber, homespun yarns and handmade products made from the fiber of our animals along with other natural fibers. We breed only on occasion to replace some of the older alpacas. We do not breed for selling purposed but do sell some of the older alpacas as pets or for fiber purposes. We currently have 10 alpacas.

Alpacas are....... Eco-Friendly     100% All Natural      Locally Grown

Alpacas are eco-friendly. They need less food and water than other grazing animals. Their padded feet are not destructive to vegetation, and unlike other livestock, don't rip it out of the ground. 

Alpaca fiber require no chemicals or pesticides to produce. Unlike sheep's wool  that is coated in lanolin and may require harsh chemicals to prepare for processing, alpaca fiber is simply washed in soapy water before being processed into felt or yarn. Alpaca fiber is naturally produced in a greater variety of natural colors than any other natural fiber. That means it doesn't require additional dye to create stylish products.

All of alpaca fiber is raised and processed right here on the farm. No machines. All done by hand.

We do provide educational tours upon request. There is a $5 per person fee ( minimum of $20 for groups less than 4 and $2.50 for each additional person over 10 in a group). The tour provides an indepth tour which includes how the fiber is processed (which includes how fiber is skirted, washed and carded), and the methods in which we use the fiber such as spinning, knitting, felting and weaving. These tours are great for youth groups, adults of all ages and school groups.

This is a working farm and not a petting zoo so our time is valuable yet we want to educate the public about our operation and about alpacas.

We do encourage you to come out to the farm to shop in our store and see the alpacas during scheduled business hours (which best to check our google site as to when we are open). Since this is a working farm and we have another farm we work at it is always best to text or call at 317-695-8038 to make sure we are open. Otherwise you are free to shop online and we will ship any purchase to you. 

We are a member of the Indiana Alpaca Association and Alpaca Owners Association.  Feel free to check out their website for more information about alpacas and to find a farm near you to possibly visit and learn about starting an alpaca farm.

Click on this site  ​​​​Indiana Alpaca Association - Home. for more information.

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